Abledating problem

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It's sort of consistent with a lot of other major jurisdictions. Too many ICO's approached me and I literally, I'm one of those also get 10 calls a day, say, "But we have great advisors on our team and yes, we're going to figure out how this token is going to get done." And I ask them, "Have you spoken to a lawyer? You just heard me say earlier on 90% of these things are going to fail.

But I think 90% of all startups, as we all know has been in the startup space, will fail.So, when I read about a bubble in the press, this ain't the bubble yet. The interest and the appetite for money to become more liquid, we heard that term earlier on, for capital that has been invested in gold and silver and mining operations.I have some clients who want to turn mining operations into ICO's. It's spurring a whole new way of looking at money. Of creating liquidity, which of course is confusing the hell out of more traditional folks with traditional approaches and mechanisms of managing and regulating and licencing the management of money.Gowling WLG's Toronto office hosted a breakfast roundtable on Nov. At the session, pioneering groups — including Unocoin, the Blockchain Association of Canada, Neptune Asset Group and Outlier Capital — shared their experiences in the application of blockchain to businesses.Gowling WLG lawyers at the forefront of the blockchain movement also provided a legal update about the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field, from capital markets (initial coin offerings, investment funds, underwriting, public transactions) to blockchain litigation and more.

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