Adult telephone dating lines uk

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You can make free calls to or from other compatible Vo IP users worldwide and via a PSTN gateway, such as Dray TEL you can make calls to any regular telephone line or mobile phone worldwide, at low Dray TEL rates.Dray TEL will also allocate you your own normal phone number for anyone to call you on.The example below would allow access to all sites except the ones listed: A whitelist, on the other hand, is much more restrictive on what your users can access as it blocks all web sites by default and then only allows access to web sites which match your keywords.This is useful when you really want to lock down your Internet access to only allow very specific web site access.

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Incoming calls can be received too - either from POTS or Vo IP - the phone will ring on either.With automatic failover, in the event of power loss, the Vigor automatically switches your phone over to the POTS line so that you can still make/receive calls.Additionally, if you have a Vo IP phone number (SIP Address) in the speed dial memory, you can also specify a backup phone number for each entry, so in the event of Internet loss, the router will automatically dial an alternative number via your regular telephone line.The Vigor 2110 Voice-over-IP equipped models provides a phone port allowing you to connect any regular telephone (cordless or corded) to make and receive voice calls using your Internet connection.Using industry standard SIP-protocols, this enables you to make free Internet calls to any other compatible SIP user, or calls to the regular phone network (PSTN / Landlines / Mobiles) via a Vo IP gateway service such as Dray TEL (or any other SIP compliant service).

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