Autococker dating guide

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If you're unsure how large the gap should be, do the paper test.Take a sheet of loose leaf, or equally thin paper, and try to slide it between the block and the body.Second, it makes sure that the ram is not overworked by having to push farther than what it really has to be.This step of timing sets where in your trigger pull your marker will actually fire the paintball.First, slowly pull your trigger until your gun fires and begins to recock.

Rotating clockwise moves the firing point later into the trigger pull, rotating counterclockwise moves the firing point earlier in the pull.

If you think about what the turning is doing, you can understand better how this part of the timing works.

When you turn the lug to the right, or clockwise, you are lengthening the lug.

)This step of timing sets the point in the trigger pull where the marker recocks.

Because of the nature of the Autococker, you want the recocking point after the firing point.

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