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Go to https://au/ The ATO may be holding some unclaimed super on your behalf.

If you find your small super account has been transferred to the ATO, don’t be annoyed, super funds have to do this. You can claim it back and transfer it into your main super account. Secondly, AUSfund can locate any unclaimed super that has been recently transferred to its accounts.

The information provided is of a general nature and does not take into account an investor's personal needs, financial circumstances or objectives.

Watch an online tutorial or use a calculator to learn more about the basics of super, how much super is enough and how you can reach your retirement savings goals.

Choice of Superannuation Fund legislation has been introduced by the Federal Government to allow employees, with some exceptions, to choose their own super fund for their Superannuation Guarantee contributions – putting them in control of what could be their biggest source of retirement savings.

The Contribution Fee is negotiated between you, the employer and the plan’s financial adviser and One Path Life.

If applicable, this fee is deducted from any initial, additional and regular contributions when made.

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