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A noted exception, however—if indeed they belong in this category at all—are the edited sermons of D. On the other hand, I have consulted as many of those works on Romans that might be accurately termed as I could lay my hands on.Realizing early on in my work that it was both impractical and unnecessary to cite all these works consistently—for there is much repetition of argument and conclusion—I selected twelve commentators for particularly careful study.These range from technical, scholarly tomes, replete with Latin and Greek and extensive interaction with other scholars, to homilies designed to apply, rather than analyze, the message of the letter.

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And I want especially to thank Milton Essenburg at Eerdmans and Gordon Fee, series editor, for taking my commentary on and interacting fully with my work.

As we will see, Paul’s letter to the Romans is thoroughly doctrinal: the as Luther put it.² But, like every book in the NT, Romans is rooted in history.

It is not a systematic theology but a letter, written in specific circumstances and with specific purposes.

In no book of the Bible is this more of a temptation than in Romans, and I hope I have not succumbed to it.

Thomas Hobbes is reputed to have said, Certainly it is easy for the interpreter of Scripture to substitute broad reading in books about the text for deep reading in the text itself.

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