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Dublin AM meets at AM every Friday morning at The Country Club at Muirfield Village. We are still short of the fundraising goal but with some good prospects according to Alan. Dwight updated on the family activities planned for the afternoon following the parade.

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She will have photos and a good experience to report when she returns soon.Volunteers will be appreciated during the event, before for set up and the day after for take down activities.Our visitors from the Rotary Club of Narlag Ulaanbaatar shared their appreciation for kindergarten and primary school books that were shared from the State of Ohio.Todd Hoadley, Superintendent of Dublin City Schools.We also welcomed numerous guests to the meeting from Dublin Schools and the Board of Education, Tolles, Dublin City Council and the Dublin Schools Business Advisory Council. Hoadley shared some facts about our schools; 16,300 students speaking 61 languages and coming from over 100 countries.

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