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Berlusconi, who is serving a third term as prime minister, declared on Friday that he had done nothing to be ashamed of, writing in a letter to the head of the daily paper Giuliano Ferrara that “there has been a villainous attempt to turn my private life into a crime”.

One of Berlusconi’s ministers Saverio Romano backed the premier’s remarks, hitting out at “a lynching operation across the media” with its publication of “private conversations without a hint of criminality”.

Demands for resignation Tarantini has been in custody since September 1 accused of extorting €850 000 from Berlusconi to lie to prosecutors about the parties they were throwing.

It's 9/4 that Greece will no longer be in the Euro (meaning a €50 stake will give a payout of €162.50).

The interim government will lead the country until elections, which could be held on Feb 19, the finance ministry said.

The European Union gave Greece 24 hours on Sunday to explain how it will form a unity government to enact a bailout agreement.

Prime minister George Papandreou announced his imminent resignation under pressure from a European ultimatum.

European leaders forced Mr Papandreou to act under the threat of national bankruptcy.

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