Sue dating machine

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She said, "because I live in London and it’s so fast-moving, it meant I’d suppressed everything and buried it, so I didn’t have to feel that surge of pain. My dad’s really worth grieving over, so I’m really glad I started that process.” Sue is going out with 47-year-old TV presenter Anna Richardson, who previously had an 18-year relationship with film director Charles Martin.

Anna met Sue at a 2013 Halloween party after her marriage split and soon became involved in an "emotional tsunami" with her.

Eventually, it was able to correctly distinguish between gay and straight men 81% of the time, and 74% for women.Between her 90s success and her Bake Off renaissance, Sue took part in a whole host of reality TV shows and documentaries.In 2002 she took part in Celebrity Big Brother for charity and in 2008 she learned how to conduct on BBC reality contest Maestro.They then wrote for Radio 4 show Weekending, and penned sketches for French & Saunders, before hosting daytime shows Light Lunch and Late Lunch for Channel 4 between 19.The pair helmed their second less successful chat show, Mel & Sue, for seven months on ITV in 2015.

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