Validating in algorithm

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Returns the binomial probability distribution of obtaining the number of successes out of a fixed number of trials, where the result of each trial can be only success or failure, and the probability of success is constant throughout the experiment.

Binom Dist can calculate the probability that two out of the next three babies born will be male.

This CF returns the text contents of the Windows registry file needed to re-associate the FMP7 protocol with the user's installed File Maker Pro application. fn Name Straight now handles Spanish names, and some middle-eastern names.

Returns the hypergeometric probability distribution of obtaining the number of successes in a sample, based on the success rate of the general population.

Use this function to verify a numeric string protected by a Verhoeff check digit, or to generate the correct Verhoeff check digit for a given numeric string.- Last updated June 20, 2017Works EXACTLY like Excel's VLOOKUP function: Searches in a specific field for the first (close or exact) match, and returns the value from a different field in the same record.-- This function can find nearby matches or exact matches, is NOT case sensitive, returns only one value, and will return #N/A if no match is found.Given the overall failure rate of a production line, Hyp Geom Dist can calculate the probability of 3 items being defective in a shipment containing 100 items.Called by the Levenshtein function to load the second column of the first dimension, and the first column of the second dimension.

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